Back to the Future 2 – Doc Brown Teaser by NECA – The Toyark


Anyway again to Doc…. I hope the briefcase of foreign money is not all he comes with. I’ll be disenchanted if he would not additionally embody the futuristic binoculars, the sleep inducer system he used on Jennifer, and a generic model of the USA Today newspaper. It certain could be good to get an Einstein with this determine too since we might by no means get the 1985 Radiation Suit Doc that logically ought to embody the canine. It sucks that the 1955 Doc did not include Copernicus both. I’m nonetheless aggravated by that determine’s lack of logical film-themed equipment (corresponding to the crimson wind up automobile or the TV set to join Marty’s camcorder too) in favor of giving us equipment we do not even prominently see in the film (a wrench and blueprints to his home?!).

Also now that we all know we’re getting 2015 Doc, I hope we get a variant of him with out the overcoat for his outfit he wears by means of a lot of the movie after the opening 2015 sequence – it might be the identical pants/footwear/undershirt he wore with this outfit. Since they’ve already confirmed they’ll tweak Marty to come with out the orange vest, they need to re-use this Doc’s body elements for that variant too. My concern is that model needs to be the one which comes with the briefcase full of cash, so since we’re already getting the cash case now, they might don’t have any plans for that variant.

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