5 Things Your Mom Bod Will Throw At You (And How To Be Ready)


Ah, the miracle of motherhood. After 9 months of nurturing a complete whole human inside your body, you get to revel within the sweetness of this tiny person you’ve created…for about ten minutes. 

Then comes the again ache, the dearth of sleep, the leaks. Quite a bit occurs to our our bodies after we now have infants, and it may be complicated, irritating and, fairly frankly, annoying AF. Fortunately, that’s the place Stayfree + Carefree are available in. Their pads and liners are designed to lure interval movement, bladder leaks, and every little thing in between, so that you may be prepared for all of life’s little accidents. 

Talking about our post-baby our bodies may be uncomfortable. But you already know what’s much more uncomfortable? Wet pants. Let another person have your again—and entrance and beneath—whilst you heat up bottles, change your umpteenth diaper earlier than 10 a.m., and stare at your baby nonstop.

Welcome to The Wild World of Bodily Fluids

Congratulations! You received a visit to Boob Leak City! Don’t keep in mind signing up? That’s since you’re mechanically entered when you’ve a baby. Is it enjoyable? Only in case your thought of enjoyable is moist spots popping up in your shirt whilst you’re running errands. Is it regular? Absolutely. According to the Mayo Clinic, leakage can proceed two to 3 years after you’ve stopped breastfeeding. Find solace within the realization that you’re removed from alone and marvel at the truth that your body makes food. You’re like a fruit tree with nipples. 

Speaking of Leaks…

Your baby isn’t the one one who could have an accident or three. Try as you would possibly, you most likely received’t have the ability to stop your self from peeing a bit whenever you chuckle, sneeze, transfer, take into consideration transferring, and so forth. Rebuilding your skill to carry your pee with kegels is nice in concept however you’ve sufficient to fret about. If you neglect to squeeze in some kegels between feedings, naps, diaper adjustments, extra feedings, and looking for time to bathe, that simply means you’re human. Luckily, Carefree Acti-Fresh liners and Stayfree all-in-one pads can lure gentle (and heavy) leaks stat so that you don’t have to fret about doing double diaper responsibility. 

Hair Everywhere Except Where You Want It

Cheek hairs and chin hairs and nipple hairs, oh my! That luscious hair you bought throughout pregnancy has appeared emigrate to different components of your body. In flip, the hair in your head is falling out in what appears like horror movie-sized clumps. Fear not, mama. This extreme shedding is completely regular because it’s attributable to falling estrogen ranges, per the American Academy of Dermatology Association. All your hair will possible return to regular earlier than your baby’s first birthday. 

Heavier Periods

You most likely hoped heavy issues would cease popping out of your vagina after you gave delivery — wasn’t the baby sufficient?! But a heavier interval is one thing many women expertise when their cycle returns. As the Cleveland Clinic explains, after you’ve a baby, you’ll possible have a bigger uterine cavity, that means you’ll have extra uterine lining to shed. Thankfully, Stayfree all-in-one pads are constructed to deal with heavy bleeding and past.

Pains In The Back and Neck and Arms and…

Part of what makes motherhood miraculous is your body’s skill to maintain pushing by it—after you actually pushed by it whenever you had your baby. Everything from breastfeeding to bending over to select up your tiny human takes a toll in your body. Put taking care of your self towards the highest of your to-do checklist. That can appear like breaking the maternity pillows again out, soothing sore arm muscle tissues with heating pads, stocking up on a yr’s value of pads and liners, or watching each streaming TV present. Twice.

Talking about what you want may be powerful. Especially when what you want is one thing to cease leakage. All of those adjustments are regular, however discuss to your physician in the event you’re involved about what you’re experiencing. And relaxation assured that many have been down this path earlier than you and will likely be there to information and assist you alongside the way in which. Leaks and all.


Stayfree + Carefree know you’re prepared for something mother life throws at you. Get ready for leaks with Stayfree all-in-one pads + Carefree Acti-Fresh liners right here. 

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