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The excuse I typically hear is… “I can’t find the time for my core strength exercises!”

I truthfully know simply how busy being a mum is, however lacking out on exercise received’t assist with restoration, strength, or confidence.

Here is an efficient full body exercise circuit that may be achieved wherever and in simply 5 minutes! You may even see outcomes doing this simply 3 instances per week!

Exercises are all suitable throughout pregnancy and past.


Watch the video for all of the skilled tips to make sure you get essentially the most profit from every exercise!

safe Pregnancy exerciseExercise 1: Support Squat 20 reps

Keep your chest up and exhale and contract your core muscle groups as you squat up.



Exercise 2: Standing Press

Stand in nearer to the assist from 23/25 weeks pregnant (this can depend upon bump measurement and core perform/strength) and additionally early postnatal (first 3months) when Safe [opstnatal exercises for diastasis rectiimproving core strength and function.


Stand further away once a Diastasis is functional postnatal to start to challenge your core function and muscle strength. 




Exercise 3: Curtsey lungesPostnatal EXercise

Aim to keep your chest up and make sure you can feel this exercise in your glutes, you don’t want your quads or hamstrings to dominate.


Avoid this exercise if you have pelvic or back pain. 


Exercise 4: Support Plank lifts
Same tips as for the press exercise (1)

Exercise 5: Open twist side planks

Think about technique and stretch out your arm as much as you can.

Enjoy and don’t forget to join our fit mum programs and challenges.

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