Struggling with a toddler batte of wills? Unlock the power of questions


Switching to questions can change up every thing

Every time I discover myself in a fixed “battle of the wills” or I start listening to the relentless push backs of “NO!,” I cease and audit my questions – sure, MY questions.

How many selections are my children attending to make every day?

I do know that we’re the adults, the caregivers. We are in cost. We are the captains of this ship. But let’s think about issues from our youngsters’ views, particularly our younger children: they’re instructed what to do, when to do it, the way to do all of it day lengthy.

Personally talking, that will be laborious for me. I occur to essentially like making my very own choices.

So typically with little children, we get into this “battle of wills” as a result of children have misplaced each battle, so now they’re simply going to struggle all of them. The easy reality is: they want a win once in a while. They want some management. They want some autonomy, some decisions. This doesn’t imply we roll over or allow them to have their method in actually crummy conditions or as a result of of an epic tantrum… as an alternative, suppose of this as proactive parenting.⠀⠀

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And we will do that by asking questions.

Give them decisions… decisions you possibly can reside with and decisions that don’t topple your techniques. Simple decisions that don’t have any actual bearing in your life however the very act of making that alternative (as an alternative of being instructed what to do) can have a large impression on theirs: Yellow sneakers or crimson sneakers? Strawberry or raspberry jam? Cut or uncut?”

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Make a listing as we speak of tiny choices you may give your baby. Turn off the autopilot and fill your baby’s bucket with some autonomy. Consider issues like:

  • Clothing
  • Breakfast meals (would you like jam or butter in your toast?)
  • Shoes
  • Cup
  • Plate

Limit to 2 decisions and at all times make them decisions you possibly can reside with.

Let them have some say. Let them have some power over their life. Let them be heard.

Suddenly, they don’t have to go to battle over every thing as a result of they’ve had heaps of mini-wins all through the day. They have possession over their life and that should really feel so wonderful.

The power of questions… a small provide of alternative, a small sure from us, and it unlocks a huge impression for our youngsters.

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