Lowfool // Throne Pre-Order from Fools Paradise


Fools Paradise has simply launched the Lowfool // Throne vinyl artwork toy for pre-order. The model’s latest popular culture homage options their signature character because the mighty Voltron. Throne brings collectively the enduring 5 lions with the square-jawed Lowfool because the pivotal black lion. Rather than a pristine, gleaming model of the mighty defender, the Fools’ model is battle-tested with average distressing all through.

Throne options the cumbersome profile we’ve come to anticipate from a Lowfool determine. In reality, at 22.05″ Throne is similar height as most of the model’s ‘XL’ figures, although it doesn’t formally carry that label.

An version restricted to not more than 398, the Lowfool // Throne vinyl artwork toy (22.05″) is obtainable for pre-order from Fools Paradise for $498 (international transport included). Throne is ready to ship in This autumn 2021.

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