100 Rep. Booty Challenge Suitable during Pregnancy and Beyond |


Let’s do that, right this moment I’ve a Fit Mum Challenge for you! 100 rep Booty Blaster Challenge.

5 Exercises that are all appropriate during pregnancy and postnatal.

They are additionally, in fact, Pelvic flooring and Diastasis recti pleasant. Join me and observe this enjoyable 100 rep booty blast problem!




Exercise 1 – Basic Bridge, 20 reps

100 rep Booty challenge



Exercise 2 – Butterflies, Push your knees out on the high of the bridge and squeeze your glutes! 20 reps

1000 rep booty challenge



Exercise 3 – Leg Lifts, 20 reps on every leg! Aim to maintain your pelvis nonetheless.

100 rep booty challenge


Exercise 4 – One Leg Bridges 10 reps on both sides, hearken to the method tips within the video for ths specific exercise. 

100 rep booty challenge


Exercise 5 – Alternating lifts

100 rep booty challenge


For all of the method  tips and recommendation on which exercise to change if wanted please watch the total video. All the exercises might be executed during pregnancy and past, you simply want to make sure you observe the proper modification in your core perform, fitness and strength. 


Follow this circuit 3-4 days every week, and this week with me during lives on Facebook and Instagram!

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