My ADHD Teen Procrastinates Until Late


Q: “My teen has a strong work ethic and does well in school. But even with a whole weekend or evening to get something done, she doesn’t start until late and stays up late. It’s exhausting!” –Exhausted

Hi Exhausted:

Before I dive in, I have to ask a query: You say that “it’s exhausting!” But for whom? Is your daughter complaining that she is exhausted every morning or are you exhausted by how and when she will get her work accomplished? As you additionally state, your daughter has a robust work ethic and does nicely in class. I don’t know the way outdated your daughter is, however it feels like her system simply may be working for her!

I’m all for college kids taping into their very own greatest practices to allow them to determine what they should do their greatest work — and that features “when.” For some college students — particularly these with ADHD — ready till the final minute or near a deadline works! It will get them activated and stops them from all these false begins that many college students do once they have ample time on their palms. For others, beginning work late offers them that much-needed adrenaline rush to activate. It additionally retains them uberfocused and permits their inventive juices to move freely. Plain and easy: it really works!

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I’ve a training shopper who’s a junior in school. Since the pandemic hit, all of his lessons have been digital and asynchronous. He begins his “school day” at 9 pm and works late into the evening. And his grades and much more importantly, his self-confidence, have by no means been higher! Why? Because he discovered that his greatest apply is to work within the evenings. During the day, he feels no immediacy to get his work accomplished. The day is lengthy and there may be loads of time. However, as soon as night hits, he feels that clock ticking – and the necessity to race towards it. He discovered that prime time was his greatest time, and it could be a waste of his time to start earlier.

So, so long as her late nights are NOT getting in the best way of her getting up within the morning or feeling exhausted the following day, and he or she is popping in her assignments on time, my recommendation to you is to permit your daughter the liberty and suppleness to work the best way she wants.

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Updated on December 7, 2020

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