Parenting Tips for Moms with ADHD: Symptoms and Societal Expectations


Moms with ADHD face at the least three competing sets of challenges:

  • societal expectations for moms that aren’t solely unachievable however downright unhealthy
  • a differently-wired mind that always operates with govt dysfunction, poor working reminiscence, and emotional sensitivity
  • and, in lots of instances, youngsters who’ve attention deficit hyperactivity dysfunction (ADHD or ADD) as properly

Despite all this, most women work impossibly exhausting to be “good moms” – and discover themselves burned out, demoralized, and misplaced within the course of.

So let me say this on to the mothers with ADHD: it’s completely essential that we reframe who we’re, and rethink all the pieces we’ve been informed about parenting and motherhood.

First and foremost, we should make ADD work for us earlier than we will be there for our family members (particularly if ADHD runs within the household). We do that by shifting our inside expectations about parenting, discovering methods that make sense for us, and paying no thoughts to imagined or actual judgments from the neurotypical world.

Parenting Tips for Moms with ADHD

Make Time to “Ease” into ADHD

Here’s a helpful acronym that each mother with ADHD ought to know – it types the idea for day by day dwelling with ADHD: EASE

Educate your self about ADHD and your distinctive signs. If you haven’t been recognized however suppose you may have ADHD, get an evaluation. Make certain you’re evaluated for different associated situations as properly; nervousness and temper problems, for instance, usually journey with ADHD. Ensure you’re receiving correct therapy — whether or not remedy, remedy, ADHD teaching, or different combos together with nutrition and exercise. These steps will ultimately lead you to…

Accept your self, ADHD and all. Remember that you’re a mother with an ADHD mind. Celebrate your strengths (as a result of you may have many) and discover methods to work on weaker factors. This, in fact, can take years and, simply while you suppose you’ve accepted ADHD, a unfavourable expertise can nonetheless set you again.

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Simplify on a regular basis life. When fascinated about getting ready meals, doing chores, and finishing different family duties, know the place your strengths and weaknesses lie. This will assist you understand what you’ll be able to personal, what you must delegate, and what you must discover different means to get carried out. Think to your self: If it doesn’t work for me or us, then why do it?

Eliminate over-committing. Women with ADHD are typically folks pleasers, agreeing to spend our restricted time and assets on different duties, particularly once we see different mothers with related life doing the identical. Give your self permission to interrupt from the mildew of those roles and expectations. Break the mildew so as for your world to work for you, and for you to vary your expectations of your self.

Make ADHD Accommodations… for Yourself

Just as youngsters with ADHD usually have Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) with detailed lodging for faculty, mothers with ADHD want what I name an ILP – an Individualized Living Plan – to accommodate ADHD challenges to day by day life and parenting.

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Let’s take a look at some areas the place lodging will help with distractibility, procrastination, disorganization, and different ADHD challenges:

Meal Tips for Moms with ADHD

I spent years feeling ashamed for screwing up meals, for being unable to get my youngsters to take a seat on the dinner desk, and for feeling like I had no time for the rest afterward. Today, I now not do issues that I do know are too tough for me, and I’ve deserted no matter notions I had of how meals needs to be deliberate and eaten. Here’s what I do as an alternative:

  1. Consider carry-out. Lots of people can not afford to do that day-after-day, and you don’t must – however carry-out can save a number of time, vitality, and stress. To afford it, I made adjustments to my price range that in the end left me comfy, as with the ability to put food on the desk for my household helped my shallowness. Note that all the meal doesn’t must be carry-out. Buying a roasted hen from the grocery store or different ready-made meals could make for a fast, healthy dinner together with meals from dwelling.
  2. “Plan or Starve” (POS). If planning meals from scratch appears unimaginable, particularly when you have a tendency to consider meals too near supper time, strive itemizing easy dinners (a protein, a vegetable, and a carb) on index playing cards, with plans for learn how to put together the meals on every.
  3. Shop at smaller shops. If you’re like me, you will get misplaced at massive supermarkets and find yourself losing time in them. Smaller shops assist keep away from this and have layouts which might be simpler to recollect.
  4. Eat earlier than or after the children. Most of us have a picture in our heads in regards to the “correct” option to dine with the household. There is none. If your youngsters have a tough time sitting nonetheless to eat, assist them with their mealtime with out taking away from yours. Let them eat in entrance of the tv if it means decreasing general stress. Have your (comparatively) uninterrupted mealtime previous to or after theirs. You can even plan to dine with your associate as soon as the children have cleared the desk.

Household & Organization Tips for Moms with ADHD

Fight the concept that your house should adhere to some unrealistic commonplace of cleanliness.

  1. Messy zones. Organize your areas “just enough.” If one spot within the house is a perpetual bother space, designate it because the considered one of many areas the place messiness is okay. Allowing your self to depart a spot alone does wonders to your stress and shallowness.
  2. Find a “home” for all the pieces. One of the best organizational strategies is separating and storing gadgets into designated areas. Knowing that your keys have a common “home” near the door and that every one kitchen utensils go in a single drawer eliminates guesswork and the possibilities of misplacing gadgets.
  3. Use visible cues… in probably the most literal sense potential. For instance, hold a Post-It word in your entrance door or in your automotive steering wheel with a listing of things you want earlier than heading out.
  4. Externalize info. Use your cellphone to jot down info (time stamps and dates are mechanically created) in order that it doesn’t get misplaced in your head. Use clocks and timers reasonably than counting on an inside clock.

Make it enjoyable. So that pick-up doesn’t fall totally on you, strive devising a enjoyable clean-up plan with your associate and youngsters. A 10-minute clean-up problem earlier than bedtime, with the reward being 5 additional minutes of TV time, is one enjoyable thought. These plans can even flip into routines, that are useful for your youngsters and all the family.

Family Tips for Moms with ADHD

  1. Solve issues collectively. Your associate and/or your baby might do issues that get in your nerves. It’s pure to need to reply with anger and frustration, however it’s higher to strategy these situations as issues to be solved in unison. Frame the issue as a query and work collectively to come back up with productive solutions.
  2. Remove your self briefly relating to conflicts and different household battles. Give your self time to relax by bodily stepping away from a scenario. This may also mannequin splendid habits for your youngsters – that after they really feel themselves able to explode, they can provide themselves area first.
  3. Listen earlier than reacting. Even if our our bodies will not be hyperactive, our brains will be. Practice persistence and pausing after receiving info for simpler responses.
  4. Pick your battles. This takes many individuals a very long time to study. Give your self permission to let issues go if the battle will not be worthwhile. If your baby desires to put on mismatched socks, allow them to do it, reasonably than having a battle about it very first thing within the morning. If getting homework carried out is a nightmare, take into account outdoors assist from older college students, or see in case your baby’s IEP will be adjusted in order that homework can truly be completed at college (an lodging I managed to safe with my baby).

Personal Survival Tips for Moms with ADHD

  1. Seek and settle for assist. Whether that’s babysitters, folks that can assist you clear your house on occasion, or the assistance of household and buddies, don’t be afraid to streamline your life the place you’ll be able to. Some providers require extra assets and budgeting, but when it stands to enhance your high quality of life, then go for it. Remember – getting assist will not be a luxurious; it’s a necessity.
  2. Find a assist group. Whether on-line or in person, it’s essential to be linked to a bunch of folks that shares the identical struggles and experiences.
  3. Advocate for your office expertise. Would beginning work earlier or later favor you? Is multi-tasking your model, or do you favor one factor at a time? Whatever the choice, strive negotiating for a office expertise match for you.
  4. Self-care. This time period is ubiquitous, however highly effective. Do your self a favor and comply with by way of with issues that aid you be at your finest. Meditate, jog, take a shower, shift to a constructive inside dialogue, and intentionally carve out time for your self, even when you do “nothing” in that point — as a result of re-energizing is vital work.

Parenting Tips for Moms with ADHD: Next Steps

The content material for this text was derived from the ADDitude Expert Webinar “Moms with ADHD, Unite! How to Shape a Peaceful, Organized Life for You and Your Kids” by Terry Matlen, LMSW, ACSW (out there as ADDitude ADHD Experts Podcast episode #285), which was broadcast reside on February 5, 2020.

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Updated on October 26, 2020

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