ADHD Behaviors Need Support & Solutions, Not Punishment


Many mother and father of kids with ADHD fail to grasp one elementary reality: behavioral issues are a symptom of the situation, not an indication that their little one is naughty or is just selecting to “misbehave.”

Adapting a perspective shift from “bad behaviors” to “behavioral symptoms” might be some of the difficult necessities of ADHD parenting, however it can’t be averted. For one, it helps open the doorways to a wide range of help choices for our youngsters. More importantly, it diminishes the disgrace so usually skilled by these with the dysfunction. Take it from me — as a therapist who makes a speciality of attention deficit hyperactivity dysfunction (ADHD or ADD) and a dad or mum to 2 daughters with the situation — altering my views on their conduct saved my relationship with my youngsters.

ADHD Behavior, Explained

ADHD is a neurobiological dysfunction with behavioral signs, that means that the situation’s challenges manifest partly via a person’s actions.

Johnny’s tantrum within the retailer is sparked when he can’t have his desired LEGO set, however his response is known as a drawback with emotional regulation. When Sarah doesn’t do the dishes after being asked many, many occasions, it’s due to her working reminiscence points, not defiance. When Jacob forgets to show in his homework once more, he isn’t being lazy; he merely struggles with group.

The difficult behaviors that usually include ADHD are attributable to gaps in government operate abilities. Executive capabilities are the mind’s board of administrators, or the administration system of the mind. They assist us with:

  • Getting started on a activity (Initiation)
  • Impulsivity (Inhibition)
  • Remembering info/duties/instructions (Working Memory)
  • Emotional regulation
  • Time administration
  • Planning and group
  • Self-monitoring
  • Making transitions

In ADHD brains, a few of these administrators are “sleeping on the job.” Not everybody with ADHD could have the identical government operate deficits, so it’s vital for folks to find out about their little one’s distinctive wants. This will assist tremendously in differentiating between ADHD and true misbehavior.

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ADHD Behavior, Punishment, and Shame

Every dysfunction carries signs, and we wouldn’t punish or disgrace somebody for battling their signs or for locating interventions to mitigate them. We don’t punish a toddler with a imaginative and prescient impairment once they can’t see with out their glasses. We don’t disgrace a toddler with bronchial asthma when they should use their inhaler, and we don’t look down on a toddler with a damaged leg once they have to make use of crutches to stroll. We know that the glasses, the inhaler, and the crutches are instruments that assist individuals handle their particular points.

The identical concept works for ADHD, but many people neglect that behavioral challenges are a part of the situation. Children with ADHD aren’t misbehaving – they’re manifesting signs. But we neglect this and resort to judgement and to unhelpful “solutions.” How useful, for instance, is it to a toddler with working reminiscence points to lose their video video games or go to mattress early as punishment for forgetting one thing? It’s as useful as hoping {that a} little one with a imaginative and prescient impairment will see higher after we take away their iPad.

Many mother and father depend on these sorts of random, ineffective techniques to attempt to create behavioral adjustments. Instead, they solely trigger our kids to really feel ashamed – like they’re the dangerous child who can’t do something proper.

ADHD Behavior: From Shame to Support

Our purpose, as mother and father of youngsters with ADHD, is to assist them settle for their analysis and signs with out disgrace. We must instill the thought – inside ourselves and our little one – that instruments and methods will at all times be wanted to handle their ADHD signs. We train this by:

  • serving to them establish their very own behavioral signs (government operate deficits) and
  • brainstorming efficient approaches when these signs present up

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  1. The Instant Replay
    When a toddler who struggles with impulsivity yells, “You’re the worst mom in the world!” mother and father ought to attempt an “instant replay” or a “do-over” as an alternative of grounding them or taking away their cellphone. Instant replays could be alternatives for the kid to acknowledge their remark, pause, and assume earlier than reacting. Parents can lead on this exercise with questions like, “I don’t think you meant to say that. Want to try a more respectful way of telling me you’re upset?”
  2. The Visual Checklist
    When a toddler with working reminiscence deficits forgets their completed homework at dwelling once more, a visible guidelines can assist, together with a routine to undergo it earlier than college. This will probably be a loving approach for folks to acknowledge the working reminiscence symptom and mannequin the significance of making methods that assist them bear in mind – a way more efficient tactic than taking away video video games.

Differentiating behavioral signs from dangerous conduct will enable your little one to simply accept their analysis with out disgrace. They will turn into extra keen problem-solving companions, and the parent-child relationship will probably be targeted extra on help than punishment. If we solely supply our kids meaningless penalties to their neurological deficits, we lose the chance to really help them in efficiently managing this life-long dysfunction.

ADHD Behavior: Next Steps:

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Updated on September 16, 2020

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